Roon Radio and Qobuz observation

An observation to share. Today I was home off work and put my office system into Roon Radio mode. I selected a pop R&B track from my library and let it have at it. It selected a very interesting sequence of music from Qobuz and my library, seemingly favoring Qobuz by about 5 to 1. Then after a couple of hours I realized I was hearing the same artists again that I had already heard. Indeed, the system was playing tracks from the same albums that it had chosen before. From Qobuz, mostly. It got annoying, so I stopped the stream and restarted with a different genre from my library, and the same pattern repeated. I wonder if it’s a limited selection available from Qobuz or something in the Radio software that limits what it thinks is “like” the starting track?

I have noticed some seeds produce tracks from mostly the same <10 artists.

I have a very large library and Qobuz