Roon Radio - anyone else having problems with selections?

I am despairing with Roon Radio.
It is rare that I enjoy anything that follows the end of a piece of music I have selected.
For example, when String Quartet No. 14 in C Sharp Minor, op.131 by Ludwig van Beethoven; Leonard Bernstein, Vienna Philharmonic had ended, the similar music presented was Diga Diga Doo by Benny Goodman (Jazz) followed by Anata No Kiss O Kazoemasho: You Were Mine ( Asian Pop). I fail to see the similarity and it completely ruined the mood created by the original work. Is there some filter/setting that I should be using?
For the time being I will just turn it off.

Was this the first thing selected or the last piece playing. Roon radio works of the initial selection when tracks are the starter.

I had just been playing Swiss Classical Radio, followed by some Norwegian classical … nothing jazz or pop.

Just a thought, does Roon Radio get enough info from radio stations to trigger the AI process ?