Roon Radio behaving oddly today

Roon Radio was behaving oddly today and kept surprising me. I was in a mood for space/ambient music, played a few albums in my library. Work was stressful and I needed some chill background. When an album would end, sometimes the next song or two or three was in the same genre or pattern, but then Roon Radio would suddenly play something entirely different. Sometimes this would start as soon as an album ended.

Generally went from space/ambient to something my daughter would call top pop. Or otherwise really not along the lines of what I was listening to. A very dramatic change.

Maybe Roon thought I needed something more energetic? It’s Monday after all.

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Well for some nice relaxing ambient:

  1. Hammock “Mysterium” followed by “Silencia”
  2. Oceanic by Niklas Paschburg
  3. Gronland by Glasbird