Roon Radio - Can I get a real customised mix

Signed up for one year last week and am starting now to explore. One of the features I was looking to exploit was Roon Radio. My music taste is quite varied. Born in South America, grew in Israel, living in Belgium. Listening to all sorts of pieces. I start an evening’s listen with Jazz and can perfectly move to ambient, bossa nova or progressive rock. Flow was one of the things that I really liked in Deezer. It was able to mix the stuff based on my listening habits and I was able to discover a lot of music. Roon radio at least the way I use it now is more limited. I start with one song and than it simply continues in the same genre. No variation.

Is there a way to start a Radio mix that will be inspired from MY taste? There are plenty of offline albums and Qobuz playlists to be inspired from…

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Yes. On any track or album you can select it to start radio from that choice. Roon Radio though is not just based on your choice of music it’s decisions are based on what other users also play from the same or similar genres and what they follow it with so it can go off on tangents.

On tracks just click to reveal play optilns ( not on the play button) or albums select the blue/white down arrow next to play and choose Radio from the option.

This would still be Radio based on “one” track and inspired by the community, which is different from the OP’s request.

If it is possible to create a Radio Based on a playlist (curated with songs from the desired genres) this might be something close to what the OP is looking for

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Trained by the knowledgeable community, but inspired by your library and play history.

It answers what he asked. I find it breaks out of genres quite a lot. Maybe mines unique but it never sticks to one genre or similar artists.

The Radio list is clearly based on the first track. Genre stays pretty much the same. Change track no.1 and you get a new selection - again in the same line as track 1. And if track 1 is different than anything I heard before on Roon (or in my playlist), the Radio would still stick to the genre. Simple test - I selected a classical piece - I listen these days much less to classical music and I have pretty much none in my Library - and the Radio started playing only classical music.

I have different experiences, not all the time granted, but it can veer off if some artists have collobarated with another artist in a different genre. Also a lot of artists are classed under multiple genre and this also can start a migration away from the start.

Thanks for this. Will continue playing. I have one year :slight_smile:

I suspect it is a 1 track moving window. The first track seeds the selection only the next track. Once that track starts playing, it will act as the seed for the following track and so on. This allows for the random meanderings across styles and genres.
This observation is based the queue behavior - With visibility of only the “up next” track.

Why not open a feature requedt to build Radio Play from 3 iso 1 track.

If Roon Radio starts after a now playing list, it’s based off the initial seed track. this is also referenced in the Roon Radio section as the “playing music similar to…” which is the seed track.

Radio play based on Album or ARtist, seem to play 1 track from either the album or the artist, and then radio takes over, I am assuming, based on the track that had been randomly chosen to play.

A shuffle option of some sort for Roon Radio would be an awesome feature! Pandora has station shuffle and I use it exclusively when I use Pandora. I like to mix reggae, new wave, old school rap, motown, classic rock, etc., would love to be able to do the same thing in roon.

I’m not sure how roon would implement it but it would be a very cool feature!!

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