Roon radio does not like Flamenco :-)

I really enjoy the Roon Radio feature. Especially when I am working, it brings me some great content automatically. It works very well for plenty of genres: jazz, classical, rock… But not with Flamenco!
Has anyone experience such an issue?
For example, if I launch a Paco De Lucia album, entre dos aquas or anything else, it often ends up by switching to some jazz or world music with a very different Ambiance not even close to flamenco, contemporary flamenco or flamenco fusionned with other kind of music… Is there anything that can be done to improve that? Is there anything I can do to help the AI to understand that?

After playing the Qobuz version of “Bernabe de Moron’s Flamenco Espana” two Rock groups “Front End Loser” and “Barbeque Bob and the Spareribs” appeared in my Roon Radio queue. Found that Flamenco Espana is classified as Pop/Rock in Roon/Qobuz. However, I also played Ottmar Liebert, who is a Flamenco and Spanish guitar artist. The subsequent tracks were from the same genre, but limited to a few artists. I expected a more diverse collection of artists.

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Only 2 guys listening to flamenco music? :wink: