Roon radio does not pick songs from my primary album

When roon radio is picking a song from a album that I have in my library, roon is playing the tidal version that is not In my library over my high res album from my hardrive that I have marked as my primary album… sometimes, radio is picking from primary, sometimes from a library album but not primary and sometimes from a non imported album even though same album , that is imported but not primary of those.
This does not makes sense to me and I feel there should be a setting for setting if roon should play from primary album if exist.

Is there such a setting?
Why does roon radio not play from primary album?

Hi @Jens_Petter_Johansen,

Right now there is no setting to have Radio choose the Primary version of an album. There is a variety of information that goes into which version is picked, but generally the most popular version is what will play. We are always working to make improvements here and we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions about this please let us know!


I also would like this feature.
In addition, Radio is still too limited. It seems to take about 10 albums and only/or almost only play songs from them. Why not more variety?

let me help you with the code

when play radio
if selected song´s have album in library
then play song from primary album
else play song from album with highest resoulution

hehe… just kidding but seriously, this would be logical feature in my mind

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