Roon Radio doesn’t queue up next song

After playing one song roon just stops playing, this just started happening Christmas morning, anyone else experiencing this?

I rebooted the device no luck.
I reset the OS no luck

Yup. Having the same issue. Seems to be the same as the issue there was earlier this week.

I’m new to roon. Only 2 weeks have had the service go down twice

Why so many bugs after being in business for 5 years?

I’m not having any issues with Roon Radio choosing songs from either Tidal or Qobuz. UK subscriptions in case it is a regional issue.

I’m in :canada: Canada :canada:

Hi Gary,

I’m in Canada too and not having any issue. I have Tidal Canada and Qobuz UK.

Not sure what to suggest, maybe a reboot of your Core. Are you using Tidal? Can you play a track from Tidal?

Seems to be working now.

Very odd

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Sorry for the trouble! There was a brief disruption earlier today. Our engineering team sorted has resolved so things should be working now. Thanks!

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