Roon Radio - Favorite (heart) a track

while roon radio is playing, if i like a track, how do i favorite it? heart icon is grayed out on iphone and not available on the laptop. thumbs up/down icons are available on laptop but absent on iphone. feels rather incomplete or implemented in haste or quite possibly i am missing something. can somebody help pls?

thank you.


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You need to add the track to your library before you can favourite it.

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Shouldn’t be a two step process.

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Thank you @ged_hickman1 for your explanation. By that logic, the ‘heart’ icon should be removed completely (we should not be so anal about it though) but I really can’t understand missing thumbs up/down icons on iPhone app.
Is this a temp lapse or again by design?

Although they aren’t physically there, if you leave the track to play that’s noted as a success (thumb up) and if you skip it, the opposite.

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one workaround i could figure out is to create a ‘favorites’ playlist. if you like a particular song from the radio, add it to this playlist. if you will, you may later ‘heart’ all the songs here. still a two step process but you would not lose the song from radio.

#featureRequest: Allow radio songs to be marked as favorite from now playing bar.


doubling this requst. Same issue like in Favorites bounces on queue - Support - Roon Labs Community. make it a straight forward process. When listen to a song, song should be able to mark as favorite and roon does do the rest.

I also recognized: the option to mark a song as favorite is offered in the mobile client (Apple & Android) but not on the Windows PC client. This inconsistency should be fixed.

BTW, is there an issue tracker for roon?

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