Roon Radio function wishlist

Wishlist for Roon Radio

I hope that I have found the correct place to express ideas for new Roon functionality. If not, please educate me.

I wish that Roon Radio would base its track selection on more than the last track played. For example, I will shuffle play tracks from my library and I’d be very curious what Roon would come up with after seeing 10 diverse tracks in the queue.

I can select Roon Radio to limit itself to my library. Half my tracks are from Tidal and I wonder if there is a way to force Roon Radio to choose tracks from Tidal that are NOT in my library.

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Here’s a follow up related to asking for Roon Radio to base selections on more than the last track played.

I am pretty sure that I am naive in thinking that the algorithm used for Roon Radio could easily be expanded to have more than one song as its input. But I’d love to learn about how the algorithm works.

Regardless, I recall an MIT project in the mid to late 90’s that was billed as a music discovery service. Sorry, but I can’t recall the name of the website. Anyway, the concept was for users to enter their favorite bands/albums. Once that list had been created, the software would look for other users who liked many of the same releases and then tell the first user about albums these other users liked that were not on the list you submitted. I thought it made a lot of sense, so I spent a few hours submitting about 100 albums. Sadly, the result came back that there were no other users like me and the software could not make recommendations. I’m moderately sure that the weak point was that this was the early days of the internet and not many people had signed up with this project. (I worked at a university, so I had a fast connection - this was AOL time for most people).

I wonder if the Roon user base is sufficiently large that the MIT idea might be viable. Compare my library with other Roon subscribers and look for those with “tastes” similar to mine. Then look for bands/albums in those subscriber’s libraries that are not in mine and suggest I explore them.

Not yet, but there should not be any issue adding a toggle to the “limit to my library”-switch and inversing it’s logic?

I like your idea’s, even though i am pretty satisfied with Roon Radio with my genres and music taste as seeds.
But i agree, let’s not focus on the very last track played, bur rather what sequence of tracks i chose to play lastly.

For those with an historical interest.
That MIT site came from the MediaLab group and was called HOMR (Helpful Online Music Recommendation System).

Didn’t it become Firefly at some point?

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I have a vague memory of that, so you are likely correct.

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Looking at Wiki, it did. Then got bought out by Microsoft and shut down (they only needed the privacy controls… or user data accumulated, take your pick :slight_smile: )

I remember playing with it back then, and at least for me the suggestions were equally worthless to any other music recommendation system. In general case it might be a good idea to have that as an option though…

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