Roon radio functionality

New Roon user here! Enjoying it so far. I’ve got a handful of playlists I’ve imported based off tracks in my own library (from NAS). All is well except figuring out how to work the Roon radio feature. I know it can mix my own music along with music from Qobuz which I have integrated well. How do I activate it? I could pick one artist and play the radio but I thought I rather play it off my playlist so I get a nice variety!

Any help would be nice! The goal is to have it shuffle my own tracks along with Qobuz music etc.

If you go to the queue screen you will find radio

You can’t start Roon Radio from a playlist like you do from e.g. an artist page. If the radio feature is active, radio starts to play at the end of the queue using contents of your library or streaming services.

From FAQ: What’s Radio and how does it work?:

By default, Radio will also start whenever there aren’t any more tracks in your Queue

So in my scenario just pick any track in my library and then start Roon radio from there? It will pull “like” music based on my entire library and streaming service then?

Thanks for the link and help!

Yes. (make it 10 Chars)

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Awesome! I will give it a try.

What if you don’t have TIDAL or any other streaming service? If used to work but, with the latest Roon core software, it only plays one track and then fails. The remote App says more tracks are playing but there is no sound, though there was for the first track. I’m very confused. :frowning: Any suggestions, please? Thx!

On the top of the Queue screen, on the same line as Queue there are three dots at the right. Click them and one option should be “Limit Roon Radio to Library”. Select that.
Does that fix your problem?

I just tried what you suggested. I’ll let you know, but the banner that says, “This track cannot be found on TIDAL”, isn’t coming up amy more. Thx very much!

Here’s something that should be looked at by the boffins at Roon. Roon radio always favors Tidal tracks over local files in the library (connected hard drives to the server) even when both tracks (local and tidal) are the exact same resolution. This eats up the available data unneccesarily. Roon Radio should ideally give preference to the local file over its tidal counterpart.

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