Roon Radio - how should one use "thumb up"/"thumb down"?

I don’t understand how I should use the thumb up/down when playing music with Roon Radio. To me it dont make sense that I only can choose thumb up/down before I have heard the song Roon is suggesting. Ok if it is a song that I know but what should I do when it’s a song that I havent heard before?
Or am I missing something? Is it possible to give a song that I’m playing thumbs up/down?
Roon radio is not working well for me so I would like to understand what I can do to make it better.



If you don’t like a song, skip it. It will ask you why you skipped

Ah of course. Thanks.

It is useful for quickly building up a Queue, thumbs up and include a song you know and want, thumbs down to not. You can generate a large Queue quickly. So, not useful for exploring music, per se.

Still agree it doesn’t make sense… then thumb up/down appears for the song you did not hear yet… That is not logical

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I Hear a song that I like… but want to listen the next song… I cannot give a thumbs up…

It’s just the wrong metaphor. It’s really “add to queue yes/no”. And on radio there there will always be songs you don’t know, it’s radio. You can tell it if you want to hear it anyway or not

If you wanted to hear it, you wouldn’t have skipped it. Yes, you can’t tell it explicitly that you liked it, but you can tell it that you didn’t skip it because you DIDN’T like it.

Don’t overthink it, it’s a tiny, tiny input for the big cloud AI, a single choice like that does not make a difference