Roon Radio - how should one use "thumb up"/"thumb down"?

I don’t understand how I should use the thumb up/down when playing music with Roon Radio. To me it dont make sense that I only can choose thumb up/down before I have heard the song Roon is suggesting. Ok if it is a song that I know but what should I do when it’s a song that I havent heard before?
Or am I missing something? Is it possible to give a song that I’m playing thumbs up/down?
Roon radio is not working well for me so I would like to understand what I can do to make it better.


If you don’t like a song, skip it. It will ask you why you skipped

Ah of course. Thanks.

It is useful for quickly building up a Queue, thumbs up and include a song you know and want, thumbs down to not. You can generate a large Queue quickly. So, not useful for exploring music, per se.