ROON RADIO - how to access it and praise for service

I am new to Roon. Roon radio is a very pleasant surprise - particularly after a long working day. When my own selections are ended the Roon Radio keeps me glued to my seat, picking piece after piece of music which provides something to fit my mood and often with pleasant surprises. The only thing is this: how do I access Roon Radio from my Ipad if I want to go straight to Roon Radio?

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Roon Radio needs a starter seed track, then it will start straight after that provided there is nothing else in the queue.

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Anywhere there is a “play” button you can start Roon radio from.



That was quick, gents. Thank you!

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Is there a way to tell Roon Radio to start playing AFTER the currently playing track finishes?

Only if you start it off the currently playing track as the seed.

Is “the seed” always just one track? (Hint: only a Roonie will know this for sure.)

Also Album, Artist and Genre.
Also on show and tell here is my :snail:

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