Roon Radio Identification

OK, so what is it?

Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 3?

I think Roon just displays whatever the webcaster is sending out as track info.

I don’t think this is a web cast as there is audio analysis being done. Probably the radio option as opposed to radio station.

Possibly a meta data issue - is this a ripped or downloaded library item?

If you check the file location and file tags in History … File Info you might get some more clues.

We have a winner–although as others have pointed out, this is not Internet radio but “Roon Radio”, a track from my collection. And there’s nothing unusual about this; all metadata is present, everything is as it should be. The issue is that, as best I can tell, Roon does NOT routinely display the composer in this space, unless the composer is listed in metadata as an artist? I can’t really tell (see below). That’s what you’d expect for other genres, but for classical this is critical information. Of course it only (or mainly) matters with radio, when the only information displayed about the track is in the strip across the bottom. Can the information displayed be made depending on the identified genre?

(P.S. “Bruyères” is the title of the second piece, below; the composer is Debussy.)

Ah, okay, I misperceived the situation.

I completely agree that for classical and its subgenres, the composer needs to be given high priority for display.

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