Roon Radio intermittently stops

I am running a 8G M1 Mac Mini and every feature of Roon works flawlessly except Roon Radio intermittently stops playing from Qobuz always at the very beginning of a new track. I have studied the help section and they suggested increasing the Audio Resink Delay. I have set it to 10 seconds with no success.

Playing an entire album from Qobuz is never an issue.

Honestly it seems to me to be associated with a time out collecting the song from Qobuz as it gets worse when the internet service slows down. Unfortunately there is no error message from Roon.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tx Drew

one more observation. When playing Roon Radio ( it is picking the music) whenever it randomly stops it plays the first second of the new song then stops. If I press play again it works fine for the rest of the song.

There must be away to diagnose this issue further. Support please comment. I have been a Roon customer for ~ 5 years. First help request.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tx Drew