Roon Radio is awesome

Roon Radio doesn’t get much love around here.
Well, it’s an amazing piece of software.
Tonight I started with David Bowie Wild is the Wind and Roon took me on a crazy rock and roll journey. 2 hours in and I am still listening. Songs I would never pick myself, what a great way to rediscover old favourites or find new gems.
Thanks Roon team


My friend Rob and I call it a ‘Roon Hole’

Where you go off at musical tangents and end up playing all sorts

Stayed in the genre pretty well. Definitely on par with Spotify and miles ahead Youtube (the most dumb and useless music recommender system I encountered)

As much as I would like to confirm your enthousiasm, I can only partly confirm.

For whatever reason spotify radio tends to find my liking better.

RR has given me nice treasures though, sometimes it does.

Secondly and very important to me personally, what I enjoy most is discovering NEW music I haven’t heard before. In other words the opposite of limiting to library. So I would like (begging Roon) a button to search only out of existing library, next to searching only within library.

Wishing everyone a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


well roon radio is really nice but sometimes it playes songs where i cant close my mouth again! failures that let me doubt on KI :smiley:
and roon radio with tidal is often very limited. there are felt only 20-30 tracks that will be played in an endless loop. i got it sometimes that the same track were played 3-4 times a day!!!

there should be a little bit more or an mixture of roon radio and tidal tracks (i think, the tracks of “tidal radio” are selected by tidal KI and not the roon KI. does it anybody know?).

so i would like to have options "play roon radio/tidal radio/roon AND tidal mix 1:1 or 1:2 or 2:1 for “2 tracks from roon library and 1 from tidal” or “1 roon/2 tidal” and so on. :ok_hand:

Here with Qobuz and personal files, it works like pretty well.

My experience is quite the opposite. The more songs i tell it i don’t like, the more it plays songs by that artist, or very similar songs.

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In general I really enjoy the Roon Radio experience. Most of the time it sticks with the vibe and I’ll discover some new songs and artists. One of my main complains is that I can only “unlike” the current song. Sometimes I’ll be occupied and can’t find my phone so I wish there was a way to go back through the queue and edit a little more to my preference.

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