Roon radio isn't starting after Build 806

Been enjoying the Daily Mixes which seem to be based on artists/albums/tracks in my personal collection rather than those that I have recently played. The first few days the Daily Mixes appeared intermittently. But, knock on wood, they have appeared consistently, on a daily basis, the past three days. It is nice to be reminded of songs within a particular genre/style that I have not listened to in awhile.

What I have been missing, since the latest Build 806, is Roon Radio. Whenever the last queued track plays, I receive a screen that displays “Nothing Playing.” Checked the radio setting on the Queue page after the first two days and discovered that the feature setting had been turned off. Having switched the radio setting back on, I still receive the “Nothing Playing” screen. But ten seconds later I receive the what’s coming up pop-up display showing the next track to be played by Roon Radio. I have to give it a thumbs up and manually hit the play button to start the first track selected by Roon Radio.

Anyone else having issues with Roon Radio since the latest update?

Yes I am. Seems pretty hit and miss though as to whether Roon Radio kicks in after finishing the queue. I assume it is connected with the extra load (overload) on Valence. Perhaps it is too busy to pick anything so playback stops if it doesn’t receive the next track from Tidal/Qobuz?

Since reactivating Roon Radio on 712/21 I have had zero successful interaction with it. That’s after playing six different albums over the past three days. Thought maybe that the Daily Mix feature might be conflicting with Roon Radio to cause the delayed reaction I am experiencing.

Have restarted my Nucleus Plus and remote player several times hoping that would fix it. But to no avail. Checked the forums to see if others were having a similar experience, which might suggest a server issue on Roon’s side. Just odd that it coincides with the timing of this latest build update and added Daily Mix feature.

Also strange that some of us are having better results with the Daily Mix feature than others.

If Valence isn’t available, why doesn’t it generate the usual ‘Restricting Roon Radio to Local Library’ error message and carry on from there?

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Hi folks,

Our team is looking into your reports that Radio hasn’t been working since the update. Can you confirm some information for us?

  • If you start Radio manually (go to an Artist or Album and choose Roon Radio) does it work?
  • Is this happening consistently for all content?


Hi Dylan,

Will perform some further testing when I have access to Roon and share the results here. Thanks.

Returned home to test Roon Radio and, as luck would have it, the Daily Mixes have disappeared after a three and half-day stay. They were there this morning before I left for work. So I am unable to test Roon Radio while the new Daily Mix feature is active to determine if that is what’s causing my issue.

Good news is…Roon Radio is working again. But, without the Daily Mixes present.

Will perform further testing of Roon Radio when the Daily Mixes appear again and report the results then.

Well this is rather embarrassing. I started Roon Radio from a Daily Mix (yes they came back today) and kept an eye on it all day. Roon Radio has performed flawlessly from Daily Mix as start to using Tidal tracks as a seed and local library tracks as a seed. It hasn’t stopped in 11 hours…

Further testing over the weekend…

Hi Tony,

Appreciate you sharing your experience Tony. Glad to hear that Roon Radio is working with the Daily Mixes.

Still waiting for the mixes to reappear so I can determine if I have an isolated issue or just a temporary glitch. I will post feedback, for the record, to determine whether to close my case or seek further assistance once I have the opportunity to test it out.

Thanks again.

Hi @dylan , I was able to test Roon Radio while my Daily Mixes were populated today and my issue appears to be a temporary glitch. Roon Radio is currently working as it should when the queued track(s) finish playing. Appreciate @Anthony_B and your attention and input concerning this matter.


Hello @jb76,

Thanks a whole lot for the update. It’s great to hear :partying_face:

We’ll leave this thread open, so in case it resurfaces, you can let us know :pray: