Roon Radio issue - Track format and source not displayed

I just did a recommended update and now when I am playing Roon Radio and a song comes up it doesn’t tell me file size anymore or if you want to add it to your collection it doesn’t tell you if it comes from Tidal or Qobuz ( I recently subscribed and noticed it has some HD files that Tidal doesn’t ). Before it was telling you file size and where it was coming from. I hope Roon didn’t decide to discontinue those features.
Please let me know

We made that feature optional. Click the “…” menu, select “Configure Now Playing Screen”, and enable “Show Track Format”.

OK, did that and it does show track file size but not where you will be getting it if you add it to your library Tidal or Qobuz and before it did tell you. Any other suggestions ?

It is the exact same display as before, just on a switch. I just checked an out-of-library track from Qobuz and TIDAL. Both show the streaming service’s logo:

What am I missing? Are you talking about someplace else in the app?

For Qobuz, it shows the wrong format.

That is a problem with the data Qobuz is providing to us. It is out of our hands, and that issue is being tracked in other topics on this site. Qobuz is working on fixing this, but it will take some time to get the fix deployed.

This thread appears to describe an issue in Roon’s user interface that is not related to the data problem.

OK, got it didn’t notice the logo as before it was spelled out, thanks

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