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Like some others Roon radio only seems to work on the left channel.

I have Antipodes server and Kii active speakers.
Otherwise all works just fine.

Any help please?

All radio or specific stations?

When you say “Roon Radio”, do you actually mean “Roon Radio”, or are you referring to the Internet Radio feature of Roon? Because if you mean the latter, then this is a codec issue. Some Internet Radio stations use AAC+ encoding. This is under investigation by the Roon team. See here:

I mean “internet radio” - just as i typed i believe. I also gave examples - WNYC, WQXR… This, BTW, has been solved. The ROCK install instructions point users to a source for publicly available streaming codecs that have a big in the AAC+ versions in particular.

And yes, the naming of Roon radio is quite confusing in general. I don’t see it here but in what i believe is my original thread support weighed in and confirmed that could duplicate the problem with the currently pointed-to codecs.

My message (and question) - with the link to your thread - was directed at Paul Davis, not you…

Paul - look at the thread I posted about this (sorry, you will have to search). Bottom line, there is a bug in some of the latest codecs for streaming AAC+ radio. Get old ones or put some pressure on Roon to point to known good codecs (maybe they have in the interim). They are aware of the problem.

Best quick fix - use MP3 versions of those streams.


Hi @Paul_Davis,

Can you please confirm if this issue occurs on multiple zones, or does it only occur on your Kii zone? When you mention “Roon Radio”, is this for internet radio stations or for content that Roon Radio has selected to automatically play? Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when this behavior occurs?

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