Roon Radio - library version preference

I would like the radio to choose the library version when there is a choice of different versions: Library, Tidal, Qobuz.


Second this request! I find that Radio picks Tidal variants of my library contents more often than it picks music I have imported to Roon. Not the end of the world, but sometimes this means it shuffles me a lower quality version of the same song (on the same album) rather than the higher quality version I own.

I’m sure Valence is quite intelligent as is, but perhaps when it determines “Song X” should be played next, if a library variant of that song exists, then that variant could be assigned a higher value than the streaming variant so, presumably, the library version would be played more often than vice versa :man_shrugging:

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so I am way late to the game in reading these comments and providing my own thoughts - but as I listen to a genre or some kind of radio I’ve often wanted Roon to basically choose the highest quality file available whether it is in my collection of 45,000 songs or Tidal or Qobuz (i subscribe to both.) not sure if that is technologically achievable but on a song by song basis I certainly would prefer the highest quality.

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And better yet, a preference that instructs Valence how to pick between multiple versions of the same song at the same quality. Ex. Perhaps I prefer Qobuz’s 192/24 hi-res file over Tidal’s 192/24 hi-res file. Nitpicking, but if one can dream!