Roon Radio Limited Selection

I’ve been disappointed with Roon Radio lately and I’m not sure what’s wrong. Yesterday afternoon it played some music. Then I stopped it. That night at dinner I resumed and for 20 minutes, Roon Radio played four tracks it had played earlier in the day. This isn’t a unique experience. I can’t tell you how many times Roon Radio has started playing this album. Surprisingly it didn’t come up yesterday.

Roon Radio also likes to play the “Main Title” from Star Trek II a lot. Fine, I like James Horner, but it always picks the album version from Qobuz, despite the fact that I have this track in my local library and from a better sounding album I produced last year! And this behavior isn’t limited to my roon account. I was at an audio retailer listening to an album via roon and it ended and what started playing? The “Main Title” from Star Trek II.

What’s going on with this? I have a large local library and subscribe to Qobuz. I’ve never had access to more music in my life and yet invariably I keep hearing the same things. I like the idea of Roon Radio and it has exposed me to music I wouldn’t have otherwise found, but I find myself using it less because it frequently picks the same tracks/albums.

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I have a similar problem and was just about to post about it! I have a reasonable local library plus Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions but have found that if I start with a certain track I can now guess what the next track will be as it seems to be exactly the same playlist every time. Worse than this though is that it appears to only choose about 30 tracks and then after about 90 minutes repeats the same tracks pretty much in the same order again. I’m pretty sure there are more than 30 songs for a particular genre yet Roon seems unable to pick anything else. It seems like it’s broken and needs an overhaul as it’s a great feature for discovering new music but the lack of variety is now starting to get very boring.