Roon Radio limited to library error

I’m a new user and am having exactly the same problem.

Hi @Kenneth_Thean,

Apologies for the trouble here — There was a brief service outage this morning that affected Roon Radio functionality. This has since been resolved and things should be working now. Let us know if you’re still seeing any issues!

Hi @dylan,

I have the same issue right now. Trying to ‚radio‘ genre Jazz and Roon says nothing similar found limiting radio to library.

Tidal account is active and synced. Not that I know Tidal has no Jazz to play…

There’s definitely something wrong in Roon software.


I’m experiencing this problem now (12/21/2020).

Apologies, @James_Bailey! We are looking into this.

Seems to be happening to me right now as well.

Same thing here, except now the desktop app is crashing and giving me the red screen of death. My Bluesound devices aren’t showing up either.

Happening to me to.

Hi everyone! This should be resolved now. Apologies for the disruption.

Hi Dylan. The issue has been resolved for me. Thank you for your attention to this matter. May you and your family have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!


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