Roon Radio limited to library (Sat 2nd to Sun 3rd November)

The metadata/search issues appear to be solved but now my Roon Radio says “Roon Radio limited to library”. This started in tandem with the issues earlier today. I did not touch anything and see no setting to change this …

Try this option buried in the Queue… :blush:


I had this problem as well this morning (Europe time) and now it is solved. Roon Radio takes over at the end of my playlist and plays music from Qobuz as well as from my own library. It seems Roon is fully back to normal now. I didn’t touch any settings, not turning on the option to limit Roon Radio to the Library, which means I also didn’t need to turn it off :sunglasses:. All works fine!

Thanks Roon Support for fixing all the issues, I was worried yesterday and this morning as I LOVE ROON!

The metadata/search server issues may be solved but Roon Radio is still not working since this am … get a popup saying “Unexpected error: Roon Radio limited to library”, even though the album I started the process with is from Tidal and not my (limited) library. sounds like the Roon server endpoint dealing with roon radio/tidal/quboz has issues. this is getting tiring …

Roon Radio not working.Music stops and says nothing playing.Says unexpected error.Limited to library.

Just wanted to suggest that it seems this has happened again? Same error message as above. Qobuz streaming okay, just not Roon Radio. Searched Roon community and found this thread. Today is 1/25/2020. Thanks.

Working fine now. 1/26/2020. Wondering if this might have been a “transient general metadata issue” as referenced above?

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