Roon Radio - Local Library Only Preferred

I would like control over the Roon Radio suggestions to only point to my local library and not my integrated Tidal Library. I like having the integration, but do not want the suggestions. Is this feasible in 1.8 or was it ever possible?

I know I have seen chatter on this topic and am looking for the answer, but I still haven’t tracked it down.


If you stream you get a broader Roon Radio experience because there’s more music for it to choose from. The only way to disable it is to disable your streaming service when wanting to have Roon Radio take care of proceedings.

Hi Craig,

If you Limit Roon Radio to Library, it will include Tidal content that you’ve added to your library.

Can you explicitly limit it to local library? Wasn’t aware such a setting exists.

There might be confusion with his question. Does he want the Tidal content he’s added to his library to be included in Roon Radio.

I understand he doesn’t want Tidal outside his library.

Thanks for the quick responses, everyone. I have enjoyed Roon Radio a lot and have been surprised at how well it has helped me in rediscovering my own collection. I like this and would like to be able to control it.

After linking Tidal which I really barely even use, almost all recommendations point to the Tidal options as opposed to my own personal Library which has nothing from Tidal added. I find that I keep being redirected to Tidal, stopping play, and reselecting from my personal library. It defeats the purpose of Roon Radio for me at this point.

I don’t want to sever the connection to Tidal as it is nice to be able to search, but control over my recommendations is highly desirable. I have also found many Tidal recommendations for lesser quality versions than the FLAC titles I have of the same thing. I am only a Tidal dabbler.

Does this clarify? Is this something that is possible or expected in an upcoming version?

Thanks again,

It would seem the answer is actually yes - I enabled Qobuz, started a local album playing then looked at the queue. That 3 for menu at the top right opens a drop-down menu that appears to have the toggle you’ll want to enable.

If you flip the “Limit Roon Radio to library”, the radio will operate with your local tracks plus those from Tidal (or Qobuz) that you have explicitly added to your library. So if you have Tidal versions of albums of lesser quality than your local ones, and those albums are part of your library, they could be selected.

The only way to totally exclude any streaming content from Radio today is to remove the connection to the service (which you can do temporarily) via Settings.

Sorry, I know this should be simple. Where is this option when listening locally? Here is a screenshot for me.

Not on that screen. It is on the queue screen.

Ok, I’m a bit embarrassed, but how do I go straight to the queue screen? I’ve been trying to find it unsuccessfully.

Click this icon at the bottom of the screen.

YES! Thank you. I have been clicking everywhere and that is not one I ever hit. I found the “Limit Roon Radio to library” now and will test it.

If I understand correctly, only Tidal titles I choose to add to My Library will be included which is exactly what I want (for now).


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Is it me or this “Limit Roon Radio to library” only limited to Roon local app?

I can’t find it on the ARC app.

You’re right, I don’t think the option is there…