Roon Radio Next

I LOVE our ability to choose a track or performance, and use it as the “seed” for the excellent Roon Radio function. But I find myself frustrated in using it, as it is immediate. If you click Roon Radio from it halts whatever track you are listening to instantly. But what if I’d like to finish the track I’m listening to?

In that case I’m required to turn my attention off the music, and watch the track progress indicator to hit the Roon Radio option JUST as the track ends. Bummer, as I was kinda enjoying that last track…

As such I’d like to request a Radio Next option to augment the current Roon Radio clickable option for tracks and performances. That way I could interrupt my listening briefly, click it, and then go back to listening, knowing the track - or performance - was going to seed Roon Radio after I finished enjoying the current track. No difference than Add Next really.

Even better, if this was an editable action in Settings/Play Actions/Tracks and Performances, I’d have the option of deciding if I wanted the Roon Radio immediate option at all.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the new sleep timer fade/stop logic can be deployed for this use. I find it’s disrespectful to the artist and those listening to hard cut anything.

It’s not better to burn out than fade away :wink:

My topic was edited. I titled this post “Radio Next” because I believed the words “Roon Radio Next” were a bit too long. So, as it were, moderation changed the title of this post to the phrase “Roon Radio Next” which I quite deliberately did not use. Though I can understand why my text was changed. You - mods - believe Roon Radio is the correct term. And you were helping me. Thank you. But my misuse of the term was deliberate. Too many words.

My request is that my original post be restored. I intended the phasing to be a topic for community discussion. Not editorial change.

Thank you.