Roon Radio not playing after album ends

Using latest versions of Roon and Remote on Mac OSX and iOS respectively. Core is in the iMac.

Roon radio set to play after the selection ends but doesn’t.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you sure it is turned on for the zone your are listening to? Roon Radio needs to be enabled/disabled for each zone separately.

As far as I can tell it is. There is only one zone as I listen to Roon only on my Linn system, in one room. I don’t use it for anything else.
If I go to Queue in Remote on my iPhone when listening in the Lounge zone on the Linn, the play when music ends tab is selected “Yes”.

Edited because I tested and was incorrect.

At end of queue, I’m seeing an “unexpected error” saying it can view only library, followed by “Roon radio: nothing similar to play”

If the last song was from an album that is Unidentified, then you might see that message.

If I play an album, it simply plays to the end and stops. I haven’t seen that message.
Last night, the iOS app also began closing after about 20 seconds every time I opened it.
I hope they get it fixed soon. It’s not as though Roon is a cheap option! I think we ought reasonably to expect that it works.

I was playing the Tidal version of “How to Disappear Completely”. Maybe it was a network issue. Its working now.

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