Roon Radio not working properly

I have been a great user of Roon Radio since Roon integration with Qobuz - if sometimes critical of album and/or track selection.

In the first instances, I had started with compositions from my own library, then would get the message about Roon Radio being limited to library. I could rectify this by clicking the Roon Radio Library option on and off and then some Qobuz albums would appear. But as soon as one of these was played it would revert to Roon Radio limited to library.

In the second instance, I started with a Qobuz compositions, at the end of which, nothing more came up to play. After rebooting, selecting a Qobuz album, it reverted to Roon Radio limited to library. Again a Qobuz album would be selected after turning the Roon Radio option on and off.

My setup has remained totally unchanged.

Are you selecting very well known tracks as seeds for radio or off piste?
Try something really mainstream Yesterday by the Beatles or similar and see what happens?

Hi @Paul_Williams,

Can you verify what content you were playing when you experienced this behavior?

Does this type of behavior always happen with Roon Radio now, or were these two instances the only time you’ve experienced this?

Thank you for your response. I have had no technical problems with Roon Radio until the incidents I reported. However, it now appears to be working again after I rebooted Roon.

In the first instance, from my own digital library, I was playing a Haydn Symphony from the complete symphonies on original instruments released by Decca and then some chamber music by Brahms from the complete chamber music released by Hyperion

The second instance, was using a Qobuz album - Stravinsky Rite of Spring conducted by Francois-Xavier Roth.

None of these selections are particularly “exotic”.

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