Roon Radio not working well with local library only (no streaming)

Does anyone have Roon Radio playing anything logical after a song is finished? It’s nonsensical what it plays from only my library after a particular genre. What’s the deal? Is this even a feature anymore?

I get several new artists/albums each time I turn on Roon Radio. More often than not it is in sync with the last track played

Are you expecting Roon to play tracks that are not in your library? Or have you got this switch turned on:

Hi. No, I just want music from my library. I don’t use any streaming services. What roon plays after any given song is completely unrelated to the genre or prior song. It will go from Rock to a Jazz song that in no playlist would ever work.

Roon radio is designed for streaming services to aid discovery of new music. . It doesnt work in the same way for local music as it’s points of references are more limited. They need to work on something better for local only libraries as Radio doesn’t work for it and they know this.

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Roon is too much work for too little function. Thanks for the insight.

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Not even close for me. Mine will go from a classic rock track to something in jazz or other genre. Disappointing. Would be great to set a starting track and have it go from there.

All of the streaming services do it well. Not roon.

If you want to compare streaming services to Roon, you must give Roon the same access to content. Roon does it really well if it has access to content, just like all the streaming services

If you limit yourself to your relatively small library, it runs a dumber algorithm because it is limited to a small subset of music.

If you don’t want to stream, then I’d argue that Roon gives you something with local content, which is better than any of the streaming services, which ignore your local content.

Danny - I’ll agree the algorithm is dumber but I’m not in agreement on content access. Yes, my library is smaller than a streaming service BUT using a streaming service and starting on a given track from Pandora, etc - the service will select hours of tracks I also have in my Roon library. But Roon goes off the rails very quickly where they don’t.

Plus, when I had subscriptions to Tidal and Qobuz, Roon only played from them and didn’t use my library.

If I don’t want to play DJ and make playlists, I’m unable to use Roon to just do that. I think that is a major shortcoming.

The algorithm works in the cloud with some knowledge of your library, but not the full contents, and the machine learning is trained on all the content in each region (different music is available in different parts of the world). If it picked stuff from your library, it’s just a coincidence. The goal is to learn your tastes and proclivity for adventure from your history and library contents, but not to be restricted to that data set.

I would have just preferred to kill this feature completely when you don’t have streaming content, but for historical reasons, we were unable to do so.

Ok. I think not having that as part of a “library only” function greatly lowers the value prop of Roon. Good algorithms aren’t cheap but
I agree it would better to kill this entirely than limp along with what’s there now.

Roon needs a better way of dealing with local music users in scenarios like this. Other software manages it reasonably well without a streaming service so I don’t see why Roon is not capable of it if you allocate some resources to it. The internet goes down or the services it would be very good to have a local alternative to fallback on or for those without streaming a bit of parity.

In my recollection Sooloos Swim considered a broader range of artists and albums sourced from my local library than Roon Radio does. Is that possible? If so, is that because Swim was designed more like an “Intelligent Shuffle” than a Radio?

When you turn off streaming services, it’s the same algorithm as Swim.