Roon radio only uses library?

Core Machine
gen 10 nuc on rock, 16gb ram, 256 gb system, 2tb storage

Network Details
Wifi and wired via central ethernet connection expanded with deco 60

Audio Devices
Surface studio
SP2000 via wifi

Roon worked fine until now. When I want to use roon radio I am limited to my local files. Acces to tidal works fine

There seems to be an issue with using roon radio, i do not want to be limited to my own files, because i would like to get to know and discover new music.

Please help, thanks

Reboot your network equipment and roon server

that does not help, restarted and rebooted everything, still does not work. Any other suggestions. This seems like a recurring problem happening to a lot more users?

Hi @Razza,
I got the same issue today, I did everything…

And out of the blue it’s working again now.
Please check if you might experience the same…

Thanks, well the funny thing is that it works ok now, but just for one track it does not. When I select god moving over the surface of the water on the new album from Moby, reprise it does not want to function. Every other track it works just not for this one. Does roon radio work for you with that track?

Even with that track it works fine at my system! Sorry!

Good to hear it works!

Hi @Razza

We currently have a Roon Radio issue we are working to resolve:

I’ll keep that post updated, but please let me know after that is resolved if you are still seeing this with that track.