Roon Radio only with My Music

Yesterday something happened but I am a little frustrated as I have no clue how so I can’t repeat.

Maybe was a lucky bug or maybe there is a serious way to manage.

I am using the Roon radio feature when the disc I am listening is finished and the mixture is appearing from Tidal is not bad at all, please do not misunderstanding me. BTW I have only Tidal, not Qoobuz or other online providers.

BUT yesterday Roon decided to manage ONLY my collection and it was wonderful. Lucky me too I has hours to spend and I was simply rediscovering my own records through the Roon selection

Is there any way to make this as a conscious decision? Sometimes I am on the discovery moods and sometimes just want to check my belly button

Thank you for the support

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Yup. Clicking the 3 dots gives these options;


Yes, Sir!!!

“Fantástico”, Many thanks!

No problem. Enjoy rediscovering your library!

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