Roon Radio: Option to ban artists completely

I have tried searching for this but have not found a definitive answer.

I’m listening to Roon Radio selected tracks and it keeps playing artists I hate from Tidal. Is there a way to block them?

I keep using the thumbs down and I don’t like this track option but want a “don’t ever play this artist again” option.

I don’t have any music from these hated artists in my library.


Have you tried to ban them using the heart icon. Click the heart until it is a circle with a line.


It’s a good idea. I’ve moved this over to feature requests so we can gauge interest.

This is a good idea too:

But sadly it doesn't work in this situation:


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I had the same request and I got this suggestion

that is similar to what was described here, but the point the author of the post makes is the fact that you need to add you artist to the library and then ban it. It is a counter intuitive process and has the problem that you keep adding artists that you don’t like to your library just to be able to ban it.
As much this can work I would love to see a better way to manage this problem




I also would appreciate being able to ban artists so the new Radio feature avoids them even when choosing tracks from Qobuz

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I’ve requested this before, but I would like better integration of user profiles with banned albums and artists. Namely - members of my family can add albums to the Roon library from Tidal, but I want to be able to ban them (and totally hide/remove them) from my own profile display so I’m not wading through albums I have no taste for without stopping my better half from enjoying them and vice versa :slight_smile:


Yes please! +1 for an artist ban from Radio.




How do I mark an Artist so that the Radio won’t play them?


This is working as intended atm. Ban Artist does not exempt them from Radio Playback. Since there already is a Feature Request for this, I am going to move this to that thread. Please read the thread as it contains some information.

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“This is working as intended”? I dislike an artist and then the Radio ignores my intention? How could that be “as intended?” Perhaps this is an error in programming and needs to be corrected? Why would I go through the effort of purposely disliking an artist only to have the Radio play it against my obvious intent?

Example: You order waist size 34" trousers, the store purposely sends you 32" instead. Do you lose weight so they can fit or do you send them back and get what you intended?

This seems to be nonsensical logic. Why would I want to stop what I am doing, find a remote, and skip a track from an Artist that I have already disliked? Does the Radio not respect my decision or my time?

Isn’t the point of Roon to enjoy not be annoyed?


I too would like that functionality. My use of the phrase was meant to explain why I moved it from support to an already existing feature request thread. Because that is how it works; even if you don’t agree with it or think it is nonsensical, that is the expected behavior.

As @mike mentioned up thread, they want to gauge how much interest people have in this. Personally, I think this became a topic again when Roon Radio expanded beyond the local library.


Another vote to be able to ban artists from my audio life, everywhere, all the time. In my case, Coldplay.


I came here to request this feature!
I, too, would like the ability to ban particular artists (including from Roon radio, if at all possible).

+1 Radio keeps drifting from classic rock to country. I would love to ban all those whiny yodelers from my listening life forever :bomb::bomb::bomb:


Really need this in order to enjoy the Radio functionality. Seems like a huge gap in otherwise very cool functionality.

I don’t want to limit my Radio listening to only albums in my library, as exposing me to new music is part of the appeal of Radio.

What is even the point of “banning” artists/albums if they play on the Radio?

would it be possible to add a “never play this artist again” option to Roon Radio, to allow for people with an overwhelming dislike of an artist (say, Celine Dion) to ban them once and for all, and not have to rush for the remote ?


Yeah! But her heart will go on.

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Roon Radio: Option to ban artists completely - Roon Software / Feature Requests - Roon Labs Community

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Jan '19

It’s a good idea. I’ve moved this over to feature requests so we can gauge interest.

This is a good idea too:

But sadly it doesn’t work in this situation:



Thanks, @grossmsj… guess we’ll have to wait for 1.8 and see if the option made it…

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Not sure how this gauging for a feature works but I too have the exact same problem. Have a feature to never play X please, anywhere.