Roon Radio Orbit Levels

I like the Roon Radio feature, but I would like to have more control over what is played. To that end, I’d like to suggest radio Orbit levels. By this, I mean a setting to determine how close the choices made by Roon Radio hew to the seed.

For instance, if one were listening to Lou Reed, an orbit level of 1 might only play other Lou Reed solo work. An orbit of 2 might include the VU. 3 might include works from other member of the VU, people Lou worked with directly, etc. Level 4 might include other artists who are similar to Lou in genre or influence, but who might not be directly connected - the MC5, Iggy Pop, etc. 6 would include later artists who were influenced by Lou, Sonic Youth perhaps.

Obviously there is a lot of fuzziness at the margins, but in general the idea is to allow for the radio feature to be set narrowly or broadly.