Roon Radio - overwhelming bias towards playing the 1st track of an album

So as title says : started Roon Radio from an album, and Radio almost always picks the 1st track of an album. This is, for me, not acceptable. Asuming 10 tracks albums, this means that almost 90% of the music available is simply left out

I will post bellow what Roon picked, so you can see for youselves
(Random complain first: why is it so hard (impossible?) for Roon to allow us to copy track , album, artist names on the core software. So frustrating)

Aly Keita/Jan Galega Bronnimann/Lucas Niggli - 6 Douga (Kalan Teban)
Lucas Niggli - 1 Alchemia Garden (Alchemia Garden)
Aruan Ortiz Trio - 1 Lucero Mundo (Inside Rhythmic Falls)
Sokratis Votskos Quartet - 1 Almopian Etude (Sketching the Unknown)
Irreversible Entanglements - 1 The Code Noir/Amina (Who Sent You?)
Expansions: The Day Liebman Group - 1 Earth Theme (Earth)
Dan Rosenboom - 1 Mr.Lizard Said (Absurd In The Anthropocene)
John Surman/Mat Maneri/Lucian Ban - 1 The Dowry Song (Transylvanian Folk Songs)
Get the Blessing - 2 Hayk (Orchestral Version) (Rarer Teas)
Aaron Parks - 1 Litduparksasaurus Wrecks (Parks & Wreck)
Bobby Previte / Jamie Saft / Nels Cline - 1 PhotoBomb (Music from the Early 21st Century (feat. Nels Cline)
Tropiques - 4 So Don (Into The Wild)
Joel Harrison - 1 March On Washington (America at War)

As a note Sokratis Votskos Quartet seems really interesting. As does Aly Keita/Jan Galega Bronnimann/Lucas Niggli from which all this started from; I like how Kalan Teban is recorded. Also, saw Bobby Previte live and he was far, far better than I expected (or than I’ve heard him on recordings , so far)

Anyway, as you see above, out of 12 tracks, Roon Radio picked tack number 1 10 times :open_mouth:. (skiping the 1st track, for some reason Roon gives it a special treatment and always for an album it randombly starts by selecting a track from it. It shouldn’t do so but well, this is minor)
This IMO either reflects that it’s not tuned properly or perhaps that it has too little information about the albums it was deciding to play.

I think we should try to understand this behaviour, it shouldn’ t be normal.

What’s your experience? Also many encounters with the number 1? Try to consult the playback queue rather than to recall from memory :pray:

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Seems to me no one is interested in this… but it is a pretty obvious problem with Roon Radio.

Is there a better place to post this? I tried to look for radio-related stuff but didn’t find anything suitable

Haven’t noticed this per se, but maybe that’s because I haven’t paid attention to it.

Seems to’fit right in with Radio’s tendency to turn circles within six or seven loosely related artists - always rhe same ones for a given genre.

I’ve given up on the Radio concept. More irritation than it’s worth.

I’m not saying it happens every time with Radio. In fact, I’ve been checking a few other playlists it’d been creating for me and they seemed fine.

However, the fact that it can happen sometimes indicates a problem with the selection algorithm or holes in the metadata for that particular sub-genre. Should be investigated in order to improve the Radio.

I agree with you especially on this one. Haven’t seen anyone complain about it before. Is there a thread or feature request somewhere?