Roon Radio pick feedback - Cuban Salsa to Tango

Why does roon radio picks Tango songs fron Tidal after a cuban Salsa album. It happens many times. One salsa song, one tango song. I dont listen to Tango, I dont have any Tango track in my library.

Because other people do and radio is built from the mass listening not what you do. If you just want a single genre then shuffle that genre.

Ged, you might be right, but. I did this experiment and the results were what I expected.

I played this same album directly on Tidal, with the automatic playing feature turned on. Tidal does not pick Tango after cuban salsa, it picks cuban salsa, cuban reggaeton, etc., something similar to dancing caribean music, but not Tango at all.

Furthermore, if I don’t like a song, Tidal lets me block it or the artist, so allowing me to fine-tune the list to my personal tastes.

May be Roon has a similar feature and someone could tell me how to fine-tune what Radio chooses.

Thanks for the feedback, @Raul_Macias! I’ve passed this along to the team for future considerations.

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