Roon Radio (Playback Time Limit)?

Is there a setting to allow Roon Radio to play continuously? I’ve used Roon Radio to burn in a new component and noticed it stopped playing music after a few hours. Does Roon Radio have a default playback time limit?

Thanks in advance.

Not to my knowledge…or more accurately, it didn’t the last time I used it seriously.

I quite often left it on at night via Roon ( forgot to turn off) turned amp off and went to bed.
The next day it would still be playing in Roon confirmed by looking at history.

So a minimum of 8 hours at least.

I left the Roon Radio playing overnight as well. I checked it in the morning and it wasn’t playing. The history indicated it was playing for several hours and stopped. I’ll try it this evening to see if it stops again.


I’ve had Roon Radio stop on me numerous times after anywhere between an hour and 4 hours. No consistent situation and nothing to point towards an ISP issue or similar that I’ve ever seen.

If you want to burn in a component, just to be certain, I’d build a quick and dirty 12 hour playlist and set it going. Stick it on repeat.

That’s exactly what I ended up doing. Turning on the loop feature automatically turns off the Roon Radio, so I’m good to go for my component burn in task. I was just hoping to get some clarity on how the Roon Radio functions concerning the ability to continuously play music?

Thanks for your feedback!

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With i.e. Soma FM stations playing, I have experienced incidences where playback stops after randomly short periods, but also playing literally whole days without interruption.
Looking at the respective station’s web page it seems, that when approaching high listener numbers some get kicked out on a fifo basis.

Similar experience with other stations, but hadn’t checked their stats.

My conclusion is that it’s not a Roon thing, but related to the respective supplier handling the streams - but of course I can’t know for sure…

I haven’t been using the FM stations that are available in Roon. I’m experiencing random music stops with the Roon Radio feature that starts playing your local files and Qobuz/Tidal music, (if you are a subscriber), after a song ends in an album, playlist, etc. I’ve listened to the FM stations a long time ago, but not recently.


Often a small network glitch in streaming content will pause/stop the stream so just playing a local file on repeat is what I would use for burning in, if you need that kind of thing.

I’ve been using a playlist of local files and Qobuz files on repeat. I just wanted to know if the Roon Radio had a time limit on playback. I wouldn’t want it to stop playing if I’m having a gathering with friends, so my use of the Roon Radio is not exclusively for component burn in. I just learned of the situation during the time I was burning in a component.


Ooops, sorry for OT blurb…

No worries…