Roon Radio playing the same old story!

Why is radio stuck again paying the same old tracks again and again in pretty much the same order. Has Valence reached that age where it repeats itself all the time. @danny is any development being done here as it’s been like this for some time, it has time where it breathes new life then gets stuck in the same old rut more often than not.

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I agree. My primary listening are streaming stations. On some genres I have to listen outside of Roon. The Roon Stations repetition is heartbreaking.


It surprises me every time I see this. Makes me wonder if subscribers have both Qobuz and Tidal (I do), and listen to Radio often enough to get the most out of it? Also, has everyone configured a Profile as well?

I do occasionally get a repeated track, but it’s very rare. Maybe after 8 to 10 hours of non-stop Radio.

I am not on about one session, this is new sessions tha end up playing the same stuff as the last ones after differnet albums it gets stuck on a genre and will always play same content for it. And yes I have both Tidal and Qobuz although just cancelled Tidal again cant justify it really as well as Qobuz. tracks in session dont repeat as often as they used to but do crop up generally from the seeded album albiet it might come from a differet service next time.

Funny y’all mention this. I have Tidal and Qobuz and I use ARC for my ride to work everyday. I like blues, I start by playing Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Tin Pan Alley and then start Roon Radio. Today is the third day in a row the same Dire Straights song played next. I guess I need to pick a different song to start my ride tomorrow.

This is getting worse. In the same session it’s just gone and started to play the exact same songs in the exact same order 3 in a row. This is just laughable.

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