Roon Radio Question

Hi Folks,
I have a basic question on roon radio.
As of i know today roon radio starts for me in two ways
first when my playlist ends
second, i can click on the artist of current playing track and start roon radio

is there any other way to start roon radio.for example just a start radio button when i click it does not just focus based on last song or playlist or artist.but it starts serving me and playing based on what it has learned historically from what i have played so far for the last 1 year or beginning of my time.

One more point why does roon not ask if i like a track or not if iam listening outside the roon radio say from a playlist.sometimes iam exploring music from others playlist on tidal or qobuzz.i might like some tracks and iam not like some.i feel roon learning should factor that as an input as well.
Even in an album i imported i might like a few tracks and not like others.I feel every track no matter from playlist, my imported album or radio , roon should accept feedback input from me.

fyi iam talking only in the context of roon radio and not the roon radio live stations and iam on roon 1.8

Roon Radio needs a seed. It can be an artist, a track, or a genre. But you have to start it somehow.
Some people have certain tracks that they use to seed Roon Radio, just for what they’re in the mood to hear. It could be a favorite song. For example, I just went to one track of Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak (Dang!), and used the Roon Radio selection under the Play Now bar. It played that track and is now playing Anderson .Paak.
You could have certain single track playlists of a certain mood you want, and start those. But it needs a hint.

Roon Radio is only going to ask for feedback when it is doing its thing. When it does this it isn’t so much to learn about you, but rather to help shape the algorithm that picks songs. And even then, your vote is melded with all other Roon users to a certain degree.
Your play history guides Roon Radio to a significant extent. So you really don’t have to do anything active to train it. It shouldn’t be work for you!
Tracks/albums/artists you favorite have some effect on Roon’s Valence algorithm (I think). It almost certainly affects how Roon suggests New Releases for You. But beyond that, I don’t know if those matter. They may, but Roon is a bit secretive about details.

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This thread, which includes background and the development of Roon Radio, might be of some interest. Esp. the posts from Roon staff.

Although I’m not sure how much has changed in, or is relevant to, 1.8.

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