Roon Radio repeating tracks


I’ve noticed this a few times now. I start a Roon journey from a track and just let it do it’s thing with Roon Radio. The last couple of times I’ve done this it’s repeated tracks within a few hours. For example This morning it chose ‘Unbelievable’ by EMF and four hours later played it again. There was a sizable pause in the playback whilst I was in meetings, so it was probably more like two hours. Another example is it played ‘Paper Planes [DFA Remix]’ by M.I.A and then repeated the exact same track/mix three tracks later. There has been a couple of others as well. I tried to export the list, but I just get an list from who knows when that’s not got anything of todays track in it.

Can anyone shed any light on why Roon’s best feature is currently doing the very opposite of what it should do and my main reason for subscribing not being justified.



Another repeat has just popped up.

Another one! A specific mix as well.

Beyond a joke now!

Hi Matt

You posted in the uncategorized area, I’m not sure many will see it. If You want support I can move it to that section.

I though I had posted it in ‘Support’. Thanks for pointing that out:-).

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Hey @Matt_Doran,

Thanks for taking a moment to share your experience with Roon Radio. I’m sorry it didn’t meet your expectations. If you’re still up for it (I know our reply comes a week late…:pleading_face: - please, accept our apologies), we’d love to figure out why this behavior might happen.

The first question is, what is your Roon Radio Library setting? Is the toggle turned on for Limit Roon Radio to Library?

Hi Rebeka,

Thank you for your reply. It’s not exactly a life threatening situation, so no need to apologise for the delay. I’ve just checked that setting and the Limit Roon Radio toggle is not switched on.

I’m away now for the rest of the weekend, so will only be able to get back to you late Sunday (UK time) or Monday if that’s okay?



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