Roon Radio repeats tracks, even when I block artists and choose "I don't like this track"

NUC i5
All devices connected through ethernet
Bluesound Nodes, Cambridge CXNv2, BluOS dongle through NAD T758v3i
Small FLAC library–almost all music is streaming through Tidal

Roon Radio acts like a playlist rather than a radio. The same artists and tracks play repeatedly, and even when I block them (Bebe Rexha, Elton John, Camila Cabello, Anne-Marie and others), they continue to appear. Similarly, “I don’t like this track” has no effect.

I have added songs or albums to my library just to block certain artists (I still don’t understand why it’s necessary to have something in my library that I want to block) and the unwanted artists and tracks continue to play in Roon Radio.

I have submitted several requests for help with this issue but it never gets resolved.

Following up on this. Roon @support, do you have any suggestions?

Trying again. Roon @support could you please respond and help me with this?

They won’t respond because they don’t have a fix and it’s not a bug it’s a fact.

Radio is fundamentally broken; it plays the same tracks in the same order and no matter how many times you skip tracks you get it all again the next time.

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It does seem like we’ll all just have to accept that. Really disappointing. If Roon support acknowledged that they don’t know how to fix this or don’t intend to, that would be better than asking users to submit support requests and ignoring them. Not what I’d expect from a supposedly premium service.

There are so many baffling issues here: the inclusion of a ban track/album/artist tool that you can only select if the music you don’t want to hear is in your library, the tool doesn’t actually ban the undesired music except for in radio or playlists (and even then it doesn’t work right), thumbs down and “I don’t like this track” tools that are left out of/inconveniently placed in mobile apps and don’t seem to do anything when used with other devices, etc. So much for the advertised “Roon Radio curates music based on your tastes.”