Roon radio reverts to the SAME PLAYLIST

Roon radio reverts to the SAME PLAYLIST no matter what I play. And it is cycling through it - if I keep clicking “next” it gets back to the same 15-20 songs over and over again. This is very upsetting to me as this is the main way I use Roon. I find some music I like, I play it and then let Radio find new stuff for me… but now this feature is DEAD!

LE - to be clear, I don’t mean it reverts to one of my playlists. It’s just the same set of songs.

Is there any way to reset this so it offers new music again?

there are a few threads on this; I know i’ve either started or contributed to one.

I have the same gripe.

I remember, back in the day, one of the other services (either pandora or rhapsody, not sure) had a setting – might have been a “slider bar” – that allowed you to set the “popularity” of the radio mix. You could set it to “play the hits!” or “give me deep tracks/variety!” or some degree in between. It was brilliant.

Seems we reinvent the wheel less effectively all the time.


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Hey @DanMtsn,

We’re aware of this behavior and we’re currently investigating and making fixes. We appreciate your report. I touch on this a bit more in this thread:

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