Roon Radio seeding from previous album why?

Roon Core Machine

Rock 16gb 7i7, 128 GB ssd, usb storage for music 2TB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UNIFI router and switches and wireless access points

Connected Audio Devices

All endpoints I have all networked view wired or wifi. Currently my Naim Uniti Atom but the behaviour is endpoint agnostic as it happens across any of the. Image below shows it’s seeding from previous album even though last played on was Jose Gonzalez.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Most sessions I play an album, it reaches the end and then seeds Radio which is all fine and to be expected. However if I decide I want to play another album so queue one up, then when it finishes I expect it too seed radio going forward. However it doesn’t, radio continues to be seeded by my previous album! Why does it do this, is it expected behaviour? Seems odd to me. Do you have to nteract and stop the previous radio and wait for it to reseed. If so this undesirable behaviour and against surely what radio is for?

Images show it seeding after Hannah George, then I played Jose Gonzalez this finishes and it’s back seeding from Hannah George.

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It seeds from what was the first thing you started from. Artist, album etc.
You’d have to explicitly pick the start roon radio from any subsequent material.

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But if I interrupt it it should reset itself surely and start again from the next last track. I should not have to end it myself for it to start to seed from the next last album. This is poor user interaction. Likely this why it causes so much frustration as it goes off on a previous tangent. If I decide to switch styles I don’t want the previous style to continue. Needs work if you ask me. No othrr app works this way at all and it’s seems just wrong. I have had pick up same radio days later from the same seed. Does that seem like it should work that way?


I work in IT. Should do is philosophy.

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I agree with @CrystalGipsy . Pretty sure it used to work as expected (always resets to last track played), not how it works now.

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It’s always seeded from where you started radio.

If you interrupt radio with an album, radio is no more it’s playing an album 9f a users choice any previous seeds are null and void. Why is it seeding from a track that was played 4 hrs prior. Makes no logical sense at all. It’s flawed and needs addressing.

Hi @CrystalGipsy, just to clarify, are you choosing Play Now for the new album or are you adding it to the current queue? If you choose play now, that resets the queue and will start radio from that album once it ends. If you’re adding it to the queue, that queue is already in a radio session and that will continue once the end of the queue is reached.

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Hi Dylan. You might have hit the nail on the head, will need to test it out as I do tend to use both options. But from memory I tend to use play now more. Will test and get back to you.

Ok, tested this out Dylan and looks like you had the answer. Must remember to play now and not queue for new Radio. Thanks for the info was not aware of this not sure others do either.

I need, hence my it’s always worked this way comments. I should have asked what exactly you were doing…:expressionless:

Still odd logic it should change regardless of which play method you choose as basically you have decide to stop radio and play something of your own choice and to continue seeding from a previous last track album seems very wrong. But at least I know the work around.

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