Roon Radio service outage 06/03/2021 [Resolved]

Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Network Details

Ethernet into Roon Nucleus

Audio Devices

Cambridge CXNV2 streamer

Ethernet connected

Library Size

Streaming via tidal

Description of Issue

Roon radio errors over the last 72 hours. Music playback stops as Roon radio limited to library at first but then I get the’Nothing similar to play! Error

I am having this exact same problem. Started yesterday for today. Have rebooted everything and tried just playing in different zones and I get the same error message.

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Hi @ADITH_MOHAN — Apologies, it looks like Roon Radio is having an outage at the moment. Our engineering team has been alerted and they’re working to resolve this ASAP. I’ll let everyone know when we have an update.

such a communication is really much appreciated!

A roon labs system status page would be real handy.

Even adding things like tida/qobuz connection is down or having issues as these are integrated into roon too

We have seen cases of the backend systems having issues in the past and a system status page would be very helpful I think.


Great. Thanks a lot @dylan
Appreciate the update. Cheers

The underlying issue was discovered and the team is fixing it now. Things should start working soon, though it might be a little slower than typical. In a few hours things should be fully back up and running like normal.

Thanks to everyone who reached out, and for your patience while we worked to take care of this.


@dylan just letting you know Radio is back online at my end. Thanks to you and the team for getting on to it quickly. Much appreciated!

@dylan this has been popping up on and off this morning. Its a really brief but recurrent error. So comes up then about 20-30s later goes away and radio seems to be working again. Reaching out so you guys know

Hi @ADITH_MOHAN , @dylan,
I can confirm that - still some minor hiccups on my side too.

Roon Radio works most of the time and then not for a minute or some minutes.
Just for your information. :wink:

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