Roon Radio Skipping

Hi - I have noticed issued with Roon Radio ending tracks early and skipping to teh next track after 50-60% has been played. Its happening on about 1 in 5 tracks at the moment.

My Core is on Apple iMac, playing via AirPlay to Naim Mu-So Gen 1. The Naim Mu-So firmware is up to date.

Anyone else experienced this?

WiFi or Ethernet ?

Tidal or qobuz?

What res are the tracks ?

Hi Mike_Woodcock,
if you type “roon skip” into the search you will find others having the same issue recently, me also and also a discussion about if this issue is widespread.
Here is the link to the thread I started:
Roon Radio stops or skips tracks - Support - Roon Labs Community
I hope there will be some sort of solution soon.

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IMac with core is hardwired to home network via Ethernet cat 6, Naim Mu-So is connected via WiFi. Tracks that were skipping were from TIDAL Hi-Fi res. Does that help? I note from another reply that there is another thread so I will read that

Skipping and WiFi often go together hence the question, hi res adds to the bandwidth load.

If you can , even as an experiment, run by Ethernet you may get a shock.

WiFi is susceptible to all sorts of interference, hence dropouts. I ran WiFi then bit the bullet and ran cable

Just a thought :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Mike_O_Neill - the Mu-So isn’t too far from an Ethernet switch, so I’ll run a cable round later and let you know how I get on