Roon Radio Stations and Integration with Sonos Database of Stations/Services


After reading many posts, I’m not sure this question has come up. As a new Roon lifetime subscriber and also a brand new Sonos user, through my Sonos demo, I saw that Sonos has connectivity to absolutely every music service and has every radio station in the world.

Would it be possible to have the Roon software reach into Sonos to grab those stations and perhaps other services (like Tidal) to add to Roon. I mean if Roon is meant to be THE music software of choice should it not be able to get those radio stations and services from integrated partners like Sonos?

I really want all those radio stations…Sonos has like gazillions…I think they have every station that was ever invented, seriously…why can’t Roon just pull it out and display it like it’s integration with Tidal?

Thanks for your responses and be nice, its my first post here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I LOVE RooN!



Sonos outsources the radio station database to TuneIn Radio via TuneIn’s API. Presumably Roon could so similar if they have enough demand for it.

Unfortunately, no. TuneIn no longer accepts new partners under that program. We used TuneIn’s directory for the Meridian/Sooloos products, but were not able to get a license/access once Roon was a separate company. If that had been allowed, this would have been there from day 1 of Roon.

We do have our own radio directory in progress, so we will meet this need once that is released.

Fantastic, I will look forward to the radio directory, thank you.

Great software, keep up the great work.