Roon Radio Still Choosing Censored Tracks

I thought this issue had been resolved a few releases ago (Default to either "explicit" or censored version of albums/tracks [Released!] - #71). Unfortunately, even after ensuring that my Prefer edited versions (“Clean”) is set to “No” I am still getting several censored tracks via Roon Radio.

E.g. After playing The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem and allowing Roon Radio to continue playing after the last track I have had the following censored tracks come up in my queue:

  • A Milli by Lil Wayne
  • Gold Digger by Kanye West

This is very frustrating as I am a firm believer that music should be enjoyed as the artist intended. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Reading the FAQ on this, it appears to me that the switch only “prefers” the selection but does not “guarantee” that selection. In other words if the switch is “off” you can still have a chance of getting the “clean” version.

I wonder if blocking or banning the “clean” tracks/albums would do it? Is there a focus or tag that could be used to identify them and then ban them? only issue is whether this would effects the playing of the unedited version…???

I think you’d have to have the tracks in your library to “unlike” them. So that seems a little self-defeating.

Yes that is true. I and others have discussed this with Roon and that is the way it is intended to work.
By banning Roon “learns” what you don’t like and is supposed to make choices per the info it learns.

It would be nice to be able to ban artists, tracks, albums, etc with out having the add them first.

Blocking or banning the censored tracks seems like a less than ideal solution and I suspect that the algorithm would interpret that as not liking the track at all and not just because it’s censored.

I don’t want Roon to ever choose censored albums/tracks and the current implementation of the preference option for “Preferring edited Versions” seems half baked. If this option is set to “No” then it seems logical that it should always avoid censored tracks when uncensored options are also available.