Roon radio (still) disappointing

Can we discuss Roon Radio? Again?

I use it with Qobuz because Qobuz doesn’t have this feature. But after a few tracks, it locks in on four or five albums/artists. A couple of days ago I skipped through a dozen or so repeat/album artists trying to get it unstuck. Finally a new track came up, but after that it got stuck again and I gave up. It doesn’t matter what genre or artist you start with, popular or obscure.

And how many times do I have to give Miles Davis a thumbs down and “I do not like this” before it stops playing Miles Davis?

Today I put on Tidal track (or artist? don’t remember) radio from my phone to Chromecast. It has been playing for over six hours. Every track is exactly appropriate for the seed. I haven’t hit skip once. There have only been a few repeat album/artist combos, but they are spread out and no repeat tracks. And the selected tracks are pretty great, and the variety and quality of picks are
amazing I’ve also discovered some new to me stuff, and added several albums to my library.

I wish Roon Radio worked this well. It was one of the many reasons I subscribed. Unfortunately, it’s no longer really usable.

Is there any hope for improvement? Does anyone at roon actually use it? Haven’t they noticed it getting stuck in a rut? Or do they like for it to work that way? Is this the way it’s designed to work?


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