Roon Radio Still Sucks

It’s unbelievable how crappy this software is and continues to be no matter what is done. Roon radio has zero ability to play anything remotely similar by genre or last song. A monkey could pick something closer. It’s not even the cost that bugs me. I just hate having something so broken it’s unusable as advertised. I hope they get bought by someone who understands how to write and QA software.


I run it for hours and it stays within a reasonable distance of the initial track, while bringing up tracks that I did not know. But recommender systems vary a lot in their skill depending on how “dense” the region of similarity space is that they are started from.

I agree with Chris Roon Radio seems to pick tracks that have no bearing to what I was listening to. worse if its classical. Why doesn’t Roon Radio play songs from the combination of the last 10 tracks you played?


This still appears to be an issue. Given enough time everything becomes Russian Folk music. (in my experience). Pandora’s stations, while will repeat in a few hours (and that’s OK), seem to be better at staying close to the initial selection rather than continuing to drift further and further from the original station inspiration.

I’d love this to get better. And I totally appreciate that it is probably an INSANELY HARD PROBLEM.

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yeah, if I play an album, and then Radio starts, within a few songs it will include a song from the album I just played.

and it’s not that hard a problem, plenty of services from Spotify, to Apple, to Pandora, to Tidal, do a much better job than Roon.