ROON RADIO stops playing without any apparent reason

Innuos ZENith MK2, latest Roon, latest InnuOS.

This is a device of a customer of ours. He is not speaking English, making this a bit difficult.

Roon Radio started plays some 5 to 10 tracks and then simply stops.
The library is 9k + titles, Tidal is active.

Then Roon Radio says “Ende” as had it been ended intentionally.

I would like to see a personal message from support so I can reveal to Roonlabs the account affected. THX!

Hi @Torsten_Fink,

You can send me the user’s account information via private message (click on my name -> press “message”). Do you by any chance have any other information available here, info such as:

  1. Does this behavior occur for multiple audio zones?

  2. What is the customer’s audio zones in use?

  3. Does the same behavior occur when the user has offline Roon Radio playing (just with local library content)?

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