Roon Radio Thumbs up / down on Android


I know the goal of getting people to use iPad and tablets etc for Roon but can we consider please having the thumbs option on the mobile devices? .

Not all the time can we carry around the iPad and i much prefer to use my phone to stream from roon

I want to help Roon improve and need this feature. Then I can thumbs up on Roon Radio and help improve it !!


Adam the feature is there but probably not where you are looking. I thought I had used this before so just started a Roon radio playing and you find it as below (that is if I have understood your question properly)



I’m.glad you mentioned this and the problem is the thumbs show before the song is played.
… I dont think you can select while it’s being played. You can only move forward.

Unless i am I wrong ?

You have to tell Roon your happy to hear the song in advance ?. Or not sure…

Adam you do it before the songs appear and you can easily line up 50 songs in a row within a minute.

I see what you are saying though. On a PC it pops up 15 to 30 seconds before the end of the song.

This works well when you want to get a good set of songs lined up though, just keep pressing the thumbs up or thumbs down and it keeps giving you more of them.



Mike see the iPad version

Song is being played now.

U can yes or no

Yes but doeatn solve the question as I’m saying play everything before I actually like the song.

Don’t make sense. In my opinion I don’t know what they sound like !

Still rekon we need it.

Get rid of the heart thing that never works in android.

Adam I don’t disagree, but Roon treat the iPad and Android tablets More like pc and Mac.
There are lots of little things things and some big things missing from mobile, on Android and iOS.
I have my phone in my hand most of the time when listening to music, but when I want to get into music selection I use a laptop or iPad, because the tools are not on the phone.




I do agree but I do think this is important to have to help improve the roon radio which I listen to a lot. Heh ho… Let’s see.

Adam there are lots of conversations about this in the forums. Personally I would love to see some mobile improvement and design added


You are correct that the Desktop/tablet version has an thumbs up/down option while the track is playing and those feedback controls are not present in the mobile version.

Requests for new functionality belong in the Feature Requests section. I think that this has been asked for before, so, you could find that thread and add your voice. Or, if you want I can move this thread to that section.

Mike, is correct in that the thumbs up/down is on mobile in terms of using it to quickly build a queue, or, to prevent a song you know you don’t want to hear from playing.

Cheers. That’s what I thought. Now need to find the thread. This is important.