Roon Radio: To be able to remove a band completely from the upcoming songs

I use Roon Radio a lot with both local library and Qobuz. But often Roon will get into a habit of using selections from a seemingly limited number of bands. Often I can’t stand a certain band and even though I might delete a song or two from said band, Roon will continue to bring in the band in the Radio queue.

I would like to be able to completely remove an artist or band from the upcoming songs while in Roon Radio mode.

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You could just ban the artist I suppose

I will look into that. I didn’t know you could.

I see there is a thread for this.

This genuinely needs to be added to the functions. I love Bowie, I listen to a lot of Bowie. I HATE Roxy Music. Like legit hate them enough to want to stop listening to music altogether when they come on.

Unfortunately the Roon Algo ALWAYS - ALWAYS — ALWAYS ---- And lastly for emphasis - ALLLLLLLWAAAAYS plays Roxy Music as soon as a Bowie album is over. Maybe it isn’t the first song after the album, but it’s 100% within the next 3 songs, every time.

Just because I enjoy Bowie’s Art Pop/ Rock weirdo style, doesn’t mean I like Roxy Music, and it makes me uncomfortable every time it happens.

It’s absolutely crazy that I’m paying what I am for Roon and I can’t exclude a band that I don’t want to hear.

We need a fix.