Roon Radio Training

When using the roon radio feature, when a song comes on that I don’t think fits, I would like to thumbs down it to help train your ML dataset. However I can only seem to thumbs up or thumbs down the up-coming track, not the currently playing track. I usually need to listen to a bit of the track before I can know if it fits or not in the roon radio playlist.

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If you skip a track (>>) it asks you why you skipped (doesn’t fit, don’t wanna hear it right now, etc.)

Is there some setting to enable this? I have never seen such an option presented to me.

yeah, me neither!

I should probably clarify that I am using Roon Radio with my local library only. Perhaps this makes a difference.

Some ideas about how to navigate the ‘thumbs buttons’ and what they do…
In short, you want to go to the Now Playing screen. See the post above.

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